No Commercial Gun Range, Private Club, Or Venue in Westport, Ky Residential Community

No Commercial Gun Range, Private Club, Or Venue in Westport, Ky Residential Community

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Why this petition matters

Started by Hannah Finch

As a life long Oldham County resident, I’m proud to say we bought our “forever” property in Westport,Ky. Our small, quaint, and quiet community have rallied together and will exhaust all our efforts to keep it that way. A bordering property owner has re-applied for a Conditional Use Permit for Commercial OUTDOOR Shooting Range and Private Club/Event Venue which is currently zoned Agricultural.

The proposed business, Heritage Gun Club, directly borders about 35 properties, but will negatively affect countless others in the area. The community as a whole has many concerns about this proposal. This is the second time they’ve applied for this permit due to their first application having submittal omissions. Their delay in reapplying was due to the owner being out of the country for an extended period for his other job. Their business plans and targeted audience have shifted several times over the last few months, but the one thing that remains the same…this NOT the right location for such plans and business. 

Myself, my neighbors, and fellow Westport residents, and surrounding Oldham Co. Community are here by choice. Our properties, our farms, and our families reside in this community. Majority of the land, while some are just a few acre lots to some 100+acres plots, is utilized daily and peacefully by the owners. Our families, our horses, our livestock, our kids, and our wildlife roam this land and call this land home. There are young families with children, Vietnam veterans, disabled veterans, business owners, farmers, hard working citizens that live and work in this community. The small, quaint, rural town of Westport,Ky, is not the place or home for a large, outdoor gun range or event venue. 

Listed Below are just a few of the ways this Proposal and Business is going to negatively affect Westport, KY and the residence who reside here.

1. Safety


3.Noise Pollution

4. Wildlife Displacement/Endangerment

5. Property Values

6. Environmental/Watershed

7.Preservation of the agricultural/equine heritage

  • I strongly recommend you reach out to our local officials and contact Oldham County Planning and Zoning at 502-222-1476
  • I encourage everyone who is against this proposal to write a letter of opposition by August 16th and have it mailed to                                    Oldham County Fiscal Court Annex                                    100 W Jefferson Street           Lagrange, Ky 40031 (include docket # OC-22-020)

By signing this you agree to the opposition of Proposed Plan  and the issuance of Conditional Use Permit 


On my own behalf, my neighbors, and my community we thank you for the support. 


-Hannah Finch 






1,685 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!