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Please change Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) aka factory farms to fruit tree and nut tree orchards, vegetable farms, green-houses, plant-based food factories, solar-farms, or wind-farms for environment, health, and budget. Thank you.

CAFO aka mega farms, animal factories, hog motels, poop factories, industrial farms, or factory farms are industrial-sized livestock operation that confine millions of animals most often dairy cows, hogs, or chickens at least 45 days per year without vegetation in open feedlots or massive buildings. 

Airborne particulate matter found near CAFO may carry disease-causing bacteria, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, fungus, virus, bird flu, swine flu, coronavirus, zoonotic disease, or other pathogens.

CAFO may emit methane greenhouse gas many times more potent than carbon and hazardous chemicals such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Exposure to hydrogen sulfide can cause neurological problems, extreme anger, depression, irreversible brain damage, dizziness, headache, nausea, sore throats, sinusitis, burning eyes, and other illnesses. The air pollution inside the buildings is potentially deadly to the animals and humans inside if the fans ever stop operating. Normally the fans simply blow the contaminated air to the outside where it can pollute the whole community. Poultry operations blow ammonia and particulate matter, including feathers and chicken feces out of the buildings.

CAFO produce huge amounts of animal waste sewage that may contain disease-causing pathogens, E.coli bacteria, salmonella, cryptosporidium, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, phosphorus, nitrogen, hormones, cleaning agents, ammonia, etc. CAFO waste is often stored untreated in gigantic anaerobic waste storage structures or open pits aka lagoons for up to six months before being spread on farm fields for disposal and often enters surface water, streams, rivers, and ocean and may cause algae blooms, fish kills, and ocean dead zones.  

Animals frequently die in CAFO and their carcasses often left for days and cannibalized. Infestations of flies, rats, and mice are commonplace around CAFO and their neighbors. 

CAFO are resource-intensive, not sustainable, and not economically viable. CAFO to grow animal feed may cause deforestation, loss of carbon sequestration sinks, and species extinction; use large amounts of electricity for lighting, equipment, milkers, pumps, and irrigators; huge amounts of fuel to run tractors, gas motors, and pumps, and to transport milk, waste, supplies, and chemicals; millions of gallons of clean fresh groundwater daily to dilute waste and wash manure from milking parlors and CAFO barns; and can't survive without taxpayer subsidies such as milk price support guarantees, federal EQIP money through the Farm Bill, Development Right Agreements, tax abatements, grants, bonds, and even economic development funds for roads. 

By contrast plant-based foods including fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, and seeds use far less land and resources, are more sustainable, support health, help prevent life-style related symptoms like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, and save money on production, transportation and refrigeration if dried, and health care.

In conclusion, please change Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) aka factory farms to fruit and nut orchards, vegetable farms, green-houses, plant-based food factories, solar farms, or wind farms for environment, health, and budget. Thank you.