In Person Cap and Gown

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 "Although schools have been running at regular capacity, including students from all grades and staff, HHM can’t provide a day for our graduating class to celebrate our “magnificent accomplishment”.

I understand that there are restrictions in place due to covid, but there is much more the school could do rather than making our cap and gown virtual. The graduating class alone would be a smaller capacity of people then what the school experiences during a regular school day. If the school were to limit the amount of guests (parents) or have it be a student only event, that alone would be 100x more special than turning our accomplishment into a virtual celebration. This is really the best thing that hhm could come up with for the class of 2020? Not a socially distanced ceremony in the theatre where every couple of seats are reserved to ensure distance between everybody, or having it held in the gym, or even having an outside celebration in the spring/summer? Yes, spring is far away but I’m sure people are willing to wait a couple extra months to participate in an event we waited 12 years for, as opposed to having the class of 2020 swept aside as the new school year begins. We already missed our grad, which thankfully many students took initiative upon themselves to enjoy the day as well as they could, but cap and gown is something we can’t do on our own.

I don’t expect the schools decision to change, but this is a very sad outcome. I feel like a lot more could have been done." ~ Skylar Dean 

We want to change NLESD decision to change our "virtual cap and gown" to an in person, as we feel our school could do more given the fact they operate in person to teach their current 1000+ students. All students in NLESD deserve their day