Refund the invested amount in 7NR Retail, Agrophos and Maurya Udhyog Ltd.

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7 NR Retail, Agrophos, and Maurya Udhyog Limited are 3 companies in which investors have lost millions of rupees today (26 December 2019). These companies are operator/ manipulators controlled stocks and are built and run by the operators of the share market. They form the company with few crore rupees, list it in BSE/NSE and start the trading. These stocks are designed in such a way that the share price will go up every day luring the retail investors who do a day job and invest his money for a good profit.

There is a company named Mid cap gains has started a campaign and convinced thousand of retails investors to invest money in these stocks (7 NR Retail, Agrophos, and Maurya Udhyog Limited). They send daily SMS many times in a day about the stock performance of the day and tell to invest all your money for a good gain. Some people have sold wife's jewelry and invested in these stocks.

Today, at around 11 AM the stock crashed and went to the ower circuit and lacs of people trapped with all their money. We understand that stock market is a risky place but it is the job of SEBI and government to make it safer by taking strict action against operators and manipulators who manage to do this type of scams. 

We strongly request SEBI and Indian Government should must find the culprits and refund the principal amount of investors before the situation becomes more severe.