We want Wario AND Waluigi starring in a Nintendo Switch game TOGETHER!

We want Wario AND Waluigi starring in a Nintendo Switch game TOGETHER!

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It has been a very long time since well-known Nintendo video game characters Wario and Waluigi really had an opportunity to show everything that they can do, as characters, especially as protagonists, which would most assuredly be a lot, by the way, despite their self-serving tendencies. In fact, we might still have yet to actually see the full extent of all that they are capable of as Nintendo video game characters, and potentially as so much more than just that. He may have started out as the main antagonist and villain of the Game Boy game, “Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins,” but Wario has since developed into his own special kind of video game protagonist and antihero (and, sometimes, hero) of many video games, including his own series. The video games in which he stars in as the central character, most of those games most indubitably being part of the Wario Land and WarioWare franchises, have introduced to the world very fresh and unique (and, at least at times, quite entertaining and really interesting) styles of video gameplay. Said gameplay features a main playable protagonist who is decidedly selfish, arrogant, and gluttonous for money, and not to mention, at least sometimes, in at least a few ways, disgusting. Of course, despite surely being more evil and negative in nature than his counterpart and primary rival, Mario, Wario still has at least a few redeemable qualities. For example, he most certainly is willing to help and/or work alongside more heroic and noble characters (like Mario, of course) “if the price is right,” ergo if he believes that it can be guaranteed that he will be given a generous reward that he finds very desirable once he has successfully done everything that he has heard and/or been told is necessary to get his hands on said reward. Of course, Wario’s much more egocentric personality sure as sugar is also one of the big reasons why so many people (especially many video gamers) love him quite a lot.

A new video game released for the Nintendo Switch console that stars both Wario AND Waluigi as playable characters and serves as part of the “Wario Land” series most certainly could potentially bring a whole new kind of both entertainment in general AND video gaming to life, as well as breathe new life into the Wario video game franchise (including but not necessarily limited to the “Wario Land” series AND the “WarioWare” series), the Mario video game franchise, and possibly even the entire video game industry.

How could such a game do all of that, you ask?

Please keep reading and you might learn the answer to that question.

First of all, the Wario video game franchise has not had a new installment since the release of “Game & Wario” on the Wii U system in 2013, and that game, granted, did not have quite as much success as its developers had hoped it would. However, that might be partially because it was a game that could only be played on the Wii U, which has most assuredly not been the best-selling video game system since it first became available for purchase. Another reason for the lackluster performance of “Game & Wario” would probably be its lack of originality. Therefore, perhaps we simply need a new video game that stars Wario and has a LOT of originality. On top of that, said new video game most likely should (and hopefully can) be developed by a team that includes people who have actually played and most certainly do know every single last detail about each and every single one of the video games that feature Wario as the central character (including all of the Wario Land games and all of the WarioWare games) inside and out, including all of their respective strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments, and flaws. If that ultimately ends up being the case, then the people who make up that team can hopefully come to the conclusion that as they create a new Wario series video game, they should see to it that it has as many strengths and as few weaknesses as possible.

Secondly, one crucial detail that can give a new video game in the Wario franchise a lot of originality would be the notion it can feature Wario being forced to share some of the spotlight (though not necessarily all of it) with at least one other playable main character, and if any video game character owned by Nintendo actually should share the role of main protagonist with Wario in a video game, that character most certainly should be Wario’s partner-in-crime from the Mario franchise, who may or may not be related to Wario by blood and therefore may or may not be his brother (at least by blood relation), the one who made his big entertainment media debut in “Mario Tennis,” which was released on the Nintendo 64 system back in 2000: WALUIGI! Over the 18 years that have passed since Mario Tennis was released, Waluigi has become quite a popular character, even though he has been mostly reduced to appearing in party games and sports games in the Mario franchise, and very little is truly known about him, as a character. Waluigi’s popularity most likely has come about in a way very similar to the way in which Wario’s has: Video gamers have noticed how outrageous his personality often (if not always) is, and many (if not all) of the lines of dialogue that he has spoken throughout his appearances in video games have proven to be quite memorable, especially when they are actually spoken by him, and at least some of them have since, naturally, become Internet memes. At least some of his die-hard fans most certainly do believe that he deserves to have MUCH more than all of that! Perhaps a starring role in a video game that has him work alongside the one other character who appears in the Mario video games and most certainly actually does relate to him in multiple ways (Wario, of course) just might be one of the things that Waluigi actually needs in order to show the entire real world all (or at least most) of that which he truly is capable of. Indeed, the people who run Nintendo most assuredly should consider the possibility that they can take Waluigi and transform him from a side character in Mario spin-off video games into a major character in many parts of the Mario franchise, including not just the main Super Mario video game series but also especially the Wario franchise, and perhaps we, the undersigned, can convince those people to consider that possibility, assuming that they are not already doing so. Waluigi indubitably has quite a lot of potential. Perhaps he could, in the single player mode of a new Wario game, be forced to repeatedly switch places with Wario as the two of them intermittently alternate the roles of the character being controlled by the player and the character who must watch from the sidelines for a short while. That sure would suit the name of the newest major video game console released by Nintendo, the Switch, wouldn’t it? Not to mention a new Wario game that Waluigi co-stars in alongside Wario can possibly, once and for all, confirm whether or not Wario and Waluigi share blood in any way whatsoever and therefore whether or not they are brothers, at least biologically, because they most indubitably can still be brothers in at least one manner of speaking seeing as how they just might share an extremely strong bond.

Third, it might also be both very original and for the best if the next new Wario video game to be released by Nintendo as part of the Wario game franchise, after “WarioWare Gold,” is in fact part of BOTH the entire Wario franchise as a whole AND the franchise that it spun off from in the first place (the Mario game franchise). As such, it might have to bring all of the games in the Wario franchise, including all Wario Land games, all WarioWare games, and both of the other games that have Wario’s name in their titles and feature him as the main protagonist, those games being “Wario World” and “Wario: Master of Disguise,” together by merging their stories together to form a brand new one and utilizing at least many (if not all) of the characters, elements, items and gameplay mechanics featured in those games. Said characters most certainly do include and surely are not necessarily limited to Captain Syrup (whose first name might be Maple), her Genie, the other members of her Black Sugar Gang, Rudy the Clown, Mad Scienstein, Princess Shokora, the Golden Diva, Queen Merelda, the Merfles, the Shake King, Mona, Kat, Ana, Jimmy T., 9-Volt, Dribble, Spitz, Orbulon, and Dr. Crygor. This new Wario game also probably should feature at least a few major and/or supporting characters primarily featured in the Mario franchise, including not only Waluigi but also Wario’s primary rival (Mario), Waluigi’s primary rival (Mario’s brother, Luigi), and their respective current love interests (Mario’s current love interest, Princess Toadstool, a.k.a. Princess Peach, and Luigi’s current love interest, Princess Daisy), to ensure that those who play this new Wario game will understand that the Mario video game franchise and the Wario video game franchise sure as sugar are connected and all of the stories of all of the games that are considered part of them are technically all part of a much bigger story, and to introduce the possibility of seeing Wario & Waluigi achieving their dream of upstaging Mario & Luigi in a VERY big way, though not necessarily at the cost of the lives of any decent people, even Mario & Luigi themselves, and perhaps even realizing that they (Wario & Waluigi) may not actually have to hurt and/or kill any decent people in order to realize that dream.

Fourth, the time might have already come for the Wario Land series to get its long-awaited continuation a decade after its most recent entry, 2008’s “Wario Land Shake It!,” was released, and many die-hard fans of that particular series sure as sugar do hope for that to actually be the case, and there indeed are still quite a lot of those fans still living here in this world. Well, at least I sure do hope there are. Are there not? If there are, then they just might have an excellent reason to celebrate. It has recently been reported that the people who run Nintendo have recently filed multiple new trademarks for “downloadable video game programs” in Japan, and “Wario Land” would most certainly be among those trademarks. Others include “Luigi’s Mansion,” “Metroid,” “Metroid Prime,” “Mario & Luigi,” “Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers,” “Smash Bros.,” and “WarioWare.” Most of the video game franchises that carry these names most indubitably do have new entries coming out soon. Also, this trademark filing would be the second one that Nintendo has done using the name “Wario Land” within the past year or so. This just might be a very good reason to believe that a new entry in the Wario Land video game series could be about to be released to the public. The article that the following link sure does lead to most certainly does back this statement up, as do multiple other online articles:


Fifth, certain people just might want to take the idea of Wario & Waluigi utilizing several methods, both old and new, of acquiring wealth and power into consideration while creating a new Wario game. Therefore, in said new game, Wario & Waluigi most assuredly can, as Wario has in all previous Wario Land games, repeatedly at least try to pick up and collect all riches and treasures that they get near as they continue on their journey, but continuing to snatch as much moolah as possible like that sure as sugar can get more difficult for them as they keep on doing it and might also eventually require them to do some things that we’ve either rarely or never seen them do before, like looting and/or robbing banks, castles, jewelry stores, and museums. Continuing on from that idea, within the story of this hypothetical new Wario game, Wario and Waluigi might finally realize that money at least might not be the only form of comfort or wealth and as such might not only start to get to know and appreciate each other as well as at least some of the other people that they’ve encountered throughout their lives (perhaps even the Mario Bros.) a whole lot more than they ever have before but might also develop a need to build relationships with other people, especially with beautiful girls and women. Plus, Wario & Waluigi sure as sugar will find that particular idea all the more intriguing if they ever realize that some beautiful girls and women are not only beautiful both inside and out but also absurdly rich, especially if they are princesses.

In addition, speaking of beautiful girls, beautiful women and princesses, there most assuredly are two highly underused female Nintendo characters featured primarily in the Wario Land video game series that could potentially make a new Wario franchise video game that stars both Wario and Waluigi all the more enjoyable if they are featured in the story of said new game, and those two female characters would be Captain Syrup and Princess Shokora. Captain Syrup started out as Wario’s villainous primary antagonist and enemy in “Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3” and “Wario Land II” and later returned as a still somewhat evil but also much more friendly and potentially redeemable ally in the most recent Wario Land game, 2008’s “Wario Land: Shake It!” Her character sure as sugar, pun not originally intended, at least has some potential, and I think she might even have a crush on Wario. Not only that, but I most indubitably do believe that Captain Syrup just MIGHT secretly be royalty, ergo a princess, although even she might not realize that. Well, at least not yet. Plus, I find it rather appropriate that her first name might in fact be Maple, and I also sure do find it very interesting that she and Wario actually have quite a lot in common. They both love treasure, they both have a desire and a knack for stealing, they both are quite greedy, they both sure are capable of being villains, antiheroes AND heroes, and they both apparently love adventure. Perhaps Captain Syrup, whose first name might be Maple, will someday find herself becoming both Wario’s primary love interest and (as a princess) the new ruler of an unknown-at-the-moment kingdom, and whether or not she is, ever will be and/or always has been a princess can be confirmed in a new video game, especially if said new game is a game that stars Wario. Then there’s Princess Shokora, who made her first (and, so far, only) video game appearance in “Wario Land 4,” which was released for the Game Boy Advance back in 2001. We currently know far much less about her than we do about Waluigi or Captain Syrup. However, if Princess Shokora is ever brought back into the story told by the video games in the Mario and Wario franchises, she most certainly could have an enormous amount of potential, especially as a potential love interest for Waluigi! How does that sound?

Furthermore, other ideas that possibly should be considered when creating this hypothetical new Wario game while also trying to make it seem so much more fresh than previous Wario franchise games and possibly just about any other video game that has already been released might include the introduction of brand new characters, as well as the process of applying for jobs and getting hired, plus the excessive use of breaking the fourth wall.

In conclusion, I hereby propose that we, those of us who sure as sugar are among the undersigned and/or the die-hard fans of Wario and Waluigi (I suppose I personally kind fit both of those categories, and so do many others, hopefully), try to convince the people who run Nintendo to at least consider creating a new Nintendo Switch game that stars both Wario AND Waluigi and might end up getting a title like “Wario Switch,” “New Wario Land Switch,” “Wario Land: Switch Up,” “Wario Land Returns,” or perhaps “Wario Universe”! A video game like that just might be exactly what the people who run Nintendo need to not only at least double (if not triple) their current profits but also make ALL fans of the video games that they've at least helped make since the 1970's EXTREMELY happy! I reckon we just might be able to make that dream come true if we band together!








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