Sexual assaulters in Nigerian schools should be investigated and adequately punished

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Sexual assault is an appalling ongoing issue in several Nigerian schools, ranging from primary to tertiary institutions; the ideals of rape culture is one of perpetuating male hyper masculinity and misogynistic views. While Section 357 and 358 of the Nigerian Criminal Code Act 1990 defined rape and appropriate punishments accorded thereof, there has been minimal amount of sexual assault cases investigated and proper punishment given to defaulting party especially in Nigerian schools.  

The African Young Leaders Cohort from Teennation, the largest gathering of innovative and change making young African adults and teenagers hereby require school authorities to call the attention of law enforcement agencies at least, twice a year to any sexual assault reported by students or victims.

It’s time to end rape culture in schools and campuses around the country by advocating for proper bias free investigations of each sexual assault report by both state law enforcement agencies and academic institutions disciplinary boards.

By having investigations opened up to law enforcement as soon as it is reported, assaulted students have more of a chance to have immediate action as the legal system can give a better long-term verdict. The immediate involvement of law enforcement can lessen to chances of schools keeping cases quiet so as to protect their reputation thereby reducing the dangerous mental health conditions of the victims who must have been traumatized. 

These would be the requirement of the SANS (Stop Assault of Nigerian Students) Act:

1) Every claim must be immediately investigated by both law enforcement and college boards as soon as they are reported.

2) A stringent set punishment of expulsion should be implemented on the guilty party by the school if found guilty.

3) Every school authorities that fails to carry out their responsibility of reporting sexual assault cases in their schools should be fined and a federal investigation will be launched by to find guilty members of the investigation.

4) And that the identity of the victim be kept anonymous to protect her mental health pending the duration of the investigation while the identity of the convicted assaulter be exposed to the public to reduce the chances of such incident happening again. 

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Sexual assaulters in schools are going Scot free. We must put an end to this.

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I stand with #AfricanYoungLeaders to demand an End to Rape in Nigerian schools.

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Let's end RAPE



Oluwadamilola Akintewe

African Young Leader of Teennation,  Class of 2020.

Head of Campaign