#ENDSARS and Reform the Nigerian Police Force

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SARS - Special Anti-robbery Squad is a tactical unit of the Nigerian Police Force under the Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department.  The unit was created with the goal to curb armed robbery, car snatching, kidnapping and other crimes related to firearms. 

Unfortunately, this goal has been derailed as members of this unit, rather than protect citizens, use their power and authority to intimidate and oppress citizens.

For those who are ‘lucky’, their encounter with SARS officials ends with extortion, usually of hefty sums. However, many others are carted away and detained illegally, falsely accused of crimes or worse of all murdered unjustly. 

Since 2017, senior police officials have verbally ‘banned’ SARS from conducting routine stop and search on Nigerian roads but no real change has materialized. 

As a Nigerian citizen, I am concerned for the safety of my cousins, siblings and other citizens who could be killed tomorrow simply because SARS officials think that owning an IPhone or a flashy car is tantamount to being a fraudster. 

The time for dialogue is now passed and one murdered Nigerian youth is far too many. What we want now is dissolution of SARS and a complete reform of the Nigerian Police.