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Life Imprisonment for Bestiality IPC 377 for Naresh Kumar Puppy Rapist / Animal Abuser

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Imprison Naresh Kumar for IPC 377 Bestiality/ Unnatural Offences against Animals which is life imprisonment or upto 10 years Imprisonment with culpable fine. He raped a Puppy. He has to deserve a prison term. 

34 year old taxi driver Naresh Kumar from Naraina Region Raped a female puppy Jenny and dumped her bleeding body stuffed in a bag. Jenny's owner haplessly looked for her till he reached Naresh and they found out what he did. 

Psychologically, Rapists and Serial Killers start off by torturing animals first and then progress on to abusing/raping humans. This man is a serial killer and a rapist in the making. 

My quetion is, would you want him to drive you back home?Would you want him driving your child's school bus?  This is where Humanity has ended. 

Human or a Puppy, a crime is a crime. He should be behind bars regardless. Poor puppy probably followed him thinking she'll get food. Like every hungry dog trying to look for food in the harsh rAins which is by the way very difficult. This is Almost like every other woman who probably sat in his taxi thinking she will get a safe ride back home. Imagine this happening to a woman, helpless on a rainy night. Either ways he's a rapist. Why should he roam the streets free? This is a clear sign of a psychopath. A progressive Rapist/Killer on the making. Why should his punishment be any less? Sexual Abuse of an Animal is termed as Bestiality. Which too is a crime. In my eyes, I wish he could be hanged. I wouldn't want him receiving job opportunities as a school bus driver or anything else in the near future. Dead is what he should be. Any life is life. But that's my opinion. I hope and pray he gets caught soon and gets his ass raped in prison. Rip puppy �

I request you to please sign this if there are any hopes of having him under bars for IPC 377 Unnatural Offences. By the way IPC 377 means Life imprisonment or Prison term upto 10 years or a Fine. Which includes Bestialty, Sexual Crime Against Animals. A sign might help this. Please help. 

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