Stop Nickelodeon Tv From Removing Chase the cop dogs removal from the kids show Paw Patrol

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Nickelodeon kids has stated that they will be removing Chase, a good cop dog on a kids series called Paw Patrol as a response to the police brutality cases.

We do not see any evidence of Chase the dog agitating or displaying any forms of police brutality.

Chase helps educate children on why police officers are supposed to help people when they are in need, and targeting this character could change the way law enforcement is known good or bad, because the lack of childrens knowledge in seeing a police officer. 

Bottom line is Chase the police dog should not be a target regarding the police brutality were seeing, and instead Nickelodeon should embrace the character to educate kids on the role of the good police. To which will help them see the bad ones.

Our children love chase. How smart and brave he is. 

My daughter cant sleep without chase in her bed. 

Many other children feel the same. That Chase the police dog is a peaceful protector. They hold him tight.