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Fund initiative 4.9 to create safe and equitable access to our parks!

It’s a sad fact that people throughout Seattle are often separated from their favorite parks by dangerous roads and street crossings. 

We envision all Seattle parks being places that our kids can safely bike to and through for fun or simply to get home. We envision all Seattle parks being places that grandparents can safely walk to and through as they enjoy staying active, or as they pick up a quart of milk from the grocery store.

We believe equitable access is a basic, core function of our park system. Much attention has been given to equity in terms of geographic distribution of park resources, and rightly so. In addition, we need to start considering how physically accessible parks are to the people who live near them. Parks should be accessible to people of all ages and abilities, not just able bodied adults who can dash across lanes of traffic. One quarter of our population do not own a car, and they deserve safe and comfortable access to their parks.

Part of the Mayor Murray’s Seattle Parks district funding proposal is for Investment Initiative 4.9. This Initiative, entitled “Activating and Connecting to Greenways,” is currently budgeted at $321,000 and will allow the Parks Department to start proactively working with SDOT to activate and enhance connection points from our communities to our parks, with parks-oriented expertise. The current proposed funding is critical to providing equitable access to our parks. However, with an increase to $2 million per year we could truly create equitable access to and through our parks for people of all ages and abilities.

We know there is a large need to provide safe and comfortable access to and through our parks for people of all ages and abilities. There are roughly 200 potential access opportunities between neighborhood greenways and parks. If funding were increased from $321,000 to $2 million dollars per year, the Parks Department would be able to fund capital improvements to make equitable access to our parks a reality. I hope you strongly consider not only maintaining the current funding for this Initiative, but also increasing the funding to $2 million dollars per year. Please make safe access to our parks a reality, and pass the Mayor's proposed parks funding package! 

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