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Niantic, let us upgrade our Pokemon storage to 1500 now

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Yes, many people still enjoy playing Pokemon Go. Many dedicated players have fully upgraded their Pokemon storage to hold 1000 Pokemon, but we are still having a hard time playing the way we want to play. Pokemon Go has battling and raiding, but it is primarily a game about catching and collecting Pokemon.

Players collect Pokemon in different ways:

  • Some people keep a living Pokedex.
  • Some people keep each gender.
  • Some people like to have multiples of threes.
  • Some people keep specialized attackers.
  • Some people collect level 1 Pokemon.
  • Some people collect CP numbers like 666.
  • Some people collect move sets.
  • Some people are afraid of a rebalance.
  • Some people keep high IVs.
  • Some people keep all legendaries.
  • Some people save Caterpies/Weedles/Pidgeys for mass evolves.

Niantic, please let us upgrade our Pokemon storage to hold 1500 Pokemon. You let us upgrade our bag to hold 1500 items so the Pokemon storage limit and bag limit would match.

We are not asking for free upgrades. We will gladly spend purchased coins or gym coins to upgrade our Pokemon storage. We are simply asking you to increase the Pokemon storage limit.

You may be planning to increase the Pokemon storage limit with the release of Generation III (whenever that may be), but we cannot wait that long. Some of us do not have enough storage space to catch Pokemon. Some of us have stopped buying raid passes and reduced our raiding. We have spent many, many hours playing your game. Please let us continue playing the way we want to play.

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