Rescind Section 22 Order Restricting Bars, Restaurants, and other facilities.

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Collectively We the residents of the Region of Niagara hold Niagara Regional Council responsible for the actions of Dr. Mustafa Hirji, Acting Medical Officer and Commissioner, Public Health. 

Dr. Hirji Recently exploited his powers issuing an order under section 22 jeopardizing the livelihood of many local businesses as well as their owners and staff.  

Small businesses have been punished severely since the start of Covid-19 who have done what they can to help prevent the spread costing them financially, as well as non-financially.

We are demanding council either make Dr. Hirji rescind this order, and abide by the orders set forth by the Ontario Government, or relieve him from his position, and replace him.

Furthermore we want to express our loss if confidence in his ability to make sound decisions in regards to the safety and well being of the residents of Niagara.  We believe his actions are for self promotion and for sole purpose of exercising powers entrusted in him for the purpose of an emergency situation.   

We feel that Dr. Hirji has proven he is incapable of performing the tasks entrusted on him by the residents of Niagara and therefore a suitable and more capable replacement should be sought. 

We understand that Dr. Hirji acted on his own, but as Councillors of the Region of Niagara we hold you responsible for all actions of our Regional Government as a whole.