Help Small Business Survive

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During the latest restrictions in NI, ‘non-essential’ businesses have been shut

The business community fully understand we have a role to play in fighting the Corona virus pandemic. We have fully complied with all requirements this year to keep the public safe, at a cost to ourselves and our businesses.

We shut when we’re told to shut

What we ask in return is respect and a fair chance to survive 

Large chains have not been required to close off the ‘non-essential’ parts of their stores such as clothing etc, while small business selling these items are closed 

Large chains are full of customers while the smaller businesses are closed and cannot trade

Small businesses are not allowed to operate a click and collect service, even though this requires no contact whatsoever. 

Customers can enter Chinese takeaways and coffee shops for food to-go but they cannot stand on the street outside a closed store and lift a bag.

Customers can freely shop the items we sell in M&S, Tesco, Home bargains, but not from us

We ask both that large chains have to close their ‘non-essential’ sections, and that closed businesses can operate a click and collect service 

Small business is not responsible for numbers of COVID. We typically have smaller numbers of customers in a much more controlled environment. 

There could be no logical justification for any of this, but someone must explain it.
And also listen to reason on adjusting it. 

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