Kurbo WW app for children REMOVED from App Store

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There’s a new app... formerly weight watchers, but now rebranded under WW and named “KurboHealth”, this app is for use by children. Children who want to track their food, monitor weight loss and share / aspire to before and after pictures. 

As someone who has struggled on and off throughout the years with various eating disorders, this feels like a massively dangerous move. Eating Disorders are the biggest cause of death by a mental illness in children and adolescents. 

Mobi Health News says: 

“Following an acquisition last year by WW (formerly Weight Watchers), Kurbo Health has retooled and relaunched its weight loss app and coaching services as Kurbo by WW.

The tool not only sports a new look, but now includes a new focus on healthy behavior and wellness promotion that’s designed with children and adolescents in mind.

This subtle shift in approach comes in part from hands-on audience research Kurbo was able to conduct with the additional resources of its new parent company, Kurbo co-founder Joanna Strober told MobiHealthNews, and falls in line with the broader goals of the WW brand.”

I think it’s hugely unnecessary, dangerous and shocking.