Michael Vick should remain on list of Captains at the 2020 Pro bowl

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Hello, I stand with Michael Vick and he deserves to remain on and be honored in the 2020 pro bowl.

How long must one continue to suffer at the hands of unforgiving people whom act like they do no wrong? Michael Vick was sentenced, served his sentence, yet is still persecuted daily for his actions. 

Michael Vick has to constantly deal with scrutiny and bullying, when will it end? There is a petition being signed asking that he is removed and not honored at this 2020 pro bowl and it's not right. We are standing with whomever felt him worthy enough to add him to this honorary list first hand.

I am absolutely disgusted that people feel they have so much influence on how a person should live their life, feed their families and support their families. If you leave it up to people such as these, people would be unemployed, homeless and forever nailed to the cross for a foolish mistake.

Please take careful consideration when people feel that they can bully you into siding with them on a matter that really should not even still be a topic of discussion.

Michael Vick is very deserving of being honored, he has done a lot while playing in the league and doing even more for the communities now that he is no longer playing. 

The ones asking that he not be honored probably never bought a ticket to a game nor watch it. I on the other hand am a avid Football fan and will be overly excited to see Michael Vick honored in 2020, he deserves it. 

Removing him will take away the built up excitement that his loyal fanbase has from anticipation of the 2020 bowl.

Please keep him on the list.

Thank you for your time in this sensitive matter.

Monica Jackson

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