No Caste Society

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Freedom is a right given to humans for living their lives to their fullest. Malicious use of such a right to create different castes, creeds was done by some shitheads in the past. Discriminating people of caste, creed, etc. , special privileges to so-called backward classes should be abolished. Use of caste or etc. for any purpose has to be made a CRIME by the government. Privileges have to be given for people with less income and inabilities. We have to drive caste freaks out of the country for they're spoiling the country's glory. Humanity should be the core of everybody's body and soul. I want all future generations to be born in a country of HUMANS, rather than a country of a varied range of CASTES, CLASSES, CREEDS, whatever.  If you believe in GOD, NO GOD created castes. if not, no HUMAN, I meant HUMAN.. created castes. FOR a better INDIA! Jai Hind! 

If I win...wait, there's no "I".. If we win, the country and it's people win! If we lose, India is doomed.

Who am I? Komal Nayan, just a human who respects every other human.

Why I care? I want to be proud Indian, a country of HUMANS.