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News Broadcasting Standards Authority of India issued clear instructions and advisory on how to tackle news and debates around the oldest and most divisive religious case in India's history - The Ram Mandir Ayodhya land dispute, to ensure that no communal hatred or ill-feelings are given unnecessary fire and peace & harmony is maintained in India when the Supreme Court delivers its final judgement in November 2019.

But none of the news channels barring a couple of exceptions paid any heed to the NBSA advisory and went on about their communal news debates like usual. Indian media has been fuelling communal fire openly for some years now and they have got our peaceful secular Indian society to a very dangerous point. 

If this communal agenda in the name of news is not tackled immediately and strongly, it might lead to severe consequences for our country, which no one wants.

So let's request NBSA to take strict action against all the channels violating their guidelines and in turn disturbing the peace and communal harmony in India. 

#boycottmodia #boycotthate