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Thinking of Middle School?

Many of our District 3 elementary schools have experienced tremendous growth over the last couple of years. Now, middle school is approaching fast. Projections show that we will not have enough seats district-wide to accommodate all students. We need more seats!

Finding a middle school that works for your family is harder and harder with every passing year!

Middle school is a critical academic and social period in a child’s life. We want all kids in our schools to have a seat at a quality public middle school. Without new middle school seats and with much larger numbers of elementary school graduates, we ask: Where are these students supposed to go? Are we as parents to sit back until this crisis is upon us?

We’re working on the problem…

Parents of the Middle School Committee have spent nearly two years analyzing data about the impending seat shortage. We have concluded that a 6th grade class needs to be incubated by the fall of 2013.

But, we need your help…

Backed by this data, we are asking the NYC Department of Education to acknowledge that District 3 does not have enough middle school seats to accommodate all students, and to help the community create a new, high quality middle school that will inclusively serve the students who are representative of our diverse communities in District 3.

Please sign our petition today!

To get a new middle school, we need your support TODAY! Please sign our petition expressing to the D3 Community Education Council, our elected representatives, and the NYC Dept of Education your support for a new public middle school.

Thank you for your support, and please spread the word to all concerned parents that you know by encouraging them to visit our web site at


Parents of the District 3 Middle School Committee -- Parents Supporting Parents!


Petition Letter

When you sign, a "Petition Letter" goes out to our representatives and school officials that says three simple things: 

"I support the idea to create a new high quality middle school that can open its doors for the 2013-14 school year. 

"I urge the D3 Community Education Council to pass a Resolution immediately to move this plan forward and that a new school be incubated beginning Fall 2013.

"I ask that the NYC Department of Education help the community create a new high quality middle school that will inclusively serve the students who are representative of our diverse communities in District 3."

You can see a full copy of the letter in the tab labeled "Petition Letter" above. 


Recent Quotes About The Issue. . .

The president of Community Education Council and a fellow parent, Christine Annechino said, "These same kids who are being put on waitlists for elementary schools are going to be coming through the middle schools and nothing is being done about it."

-- Christine Annechino, CEC President,, August 29, 2011

"New elementary and middle schools planned for parts of the Upper West Side and Midtown West won't be enough to keep up with residential growth in the areas in coming years, according to estimates from a new report. Thousands of housing units coming to Midtown West and the Upper West Side by 2015 will strain several schools that are currently near or exceeding capacity, the report, prepared by Barbara Byrne Denham, chief economist with real-estate services firm Eastern Consolidated, said."

-- Barbara Byrne Denham, Wall Street Journal, March 13, 2012

“We need to push the DOE to find or build new space to at least double the new school’s size,” Gotbaum said. “Otherwise, just about every elementary school in the southern portion of the district will be over-enrolled within 12 to 24 months. Looking a few more years down the road, he added, “And middle school overcrowding is following closely on the heels of this as our elementary kids move up.”

-- Noah Gotbaum, Former CEC President, New York Press, January 28, 2010

“City Councilwoman Gale Brewer is encouraging parents to keep kids in public schools and work is progressing on both zoning changes and additional seating.”

--, August 29, 2011

“District 3 Community Education Council President Noah Gotbaum said that enrollment has increased “moderately to heavily” in almost every Upper West Side elementary school below 110th Street.”

-- Gotham Schools, March 24, 2011

“I would say that parents have grown weary of the DOE’s opaque processes, poor planning and short term solutions,” said Beth Servetar, co-president of the Parent’s Association at P.S. 87, which functions at 120 percent capacity.”

-- NY Press, March 4, 2010


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What else can I do? By signing the petition, you have already taken the first step towards helping District 3 parents to create a new middle school so every child has access to a great education. 

The next step is to spread the word to all the parents you know (with children of any age) by encouraging them to visit and sign our petition. 

Finally, check back often and look for our emails about key upcoming public hearings. Please come and speak out for your child by letting the full CEC board, DOE, and elected representatives know that parents want a solution to the imminent seat shortage. It is amazing how much we can accomplish if we come together!

Q: What are the next steps? The first step is urging the full District 3 CEC board to be proactive in their representation of district parents by passing a Resolution for a new middle school at the next CEC public hearing on April 4, 2012 (Joan of Arc Complex at 154 W. 93rd Street). Come to the public hearing and let your voice be heard. Call the CEC to show your support at (212) 678-5857 or email CEC President Christine Annechino at

Once a Resolution is passed, the CEC formally presents the proposal to the DOE for action. Throughout the process, parents should reach out to the DOE by sending an email to Chancellor Dennis Walcott ( and Yael Kalban of DOE Portfolio Planning ( Simply tell them that you support getting a new middle school in District 3 to handle the coming baby boom.

Q: What is the CEC? The Community Education Council is a deliberative body that helps to shape educational policies and priorities in their district. CEC members are parent volunteers who provide hands-on leadership and support for their community's public schools.

Q: What is the Middle School Committee? The Middle School Committee was formed as a part of our District 3 CEC to study the need for a new middle school in the area. The committee has been meeting for over two years to understand the problem in an attempt to anticipate the need to accommodate the current baby boom of elementary school children in our district.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Manhattan Borough President
    Scott Stringer
  • Rebecca Godlewicz
  • James Berger
  • Jacqueline Sherman
  • City Council Candidate
    Marc Landis
  • City Council Candidate
    Mel Wymore
  • State Senator
    Bill Perkins
  • NYC Dept of Education Chancellor
    Dennis M. Walcott
  • City Council Member
    Melissa Mark-Viverito
  • Assemblymember
    Linda Rosenthal
  • Jessica Silver
  • Jennifer Ashley
  • Chief Accountability Officer DOE
    Shael Suransky
  • DOE Portfolio Planning
    Yael Kalban
  • City Council Member
    Gale Brewer
  • Assemblymember
    Richard N. Gottfried
  • Assemblymember
    Daniel O'Donell
  • State Senator
    Tom Duane
  • Public Advocate
    Bill de Blasio
  • Chair CB7
    Mark Diller
  • City Council Candidate
    Helen Rosenthal
  • State Representative
    Linda Rosenthal

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