Sexism and homophobia is unacceptable. Sack Councillor Allan Robinson.

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Councillor Allan 'Robbo' Robinson is unfit for Civic office on Newcastle City Council.

Robinson is a serial bully, attacking women based on their gender, and gay man based on their sexuality.  He has repetitively used offensive, sexist terms described his female colleagues as: "beefcake", "vicious, vindictive woman" and "Jessie the Elephant", and an openly gay colleague as a "f*cking poof" amongst other homophobic slurs. 

He has also been fined by the Environmental Protection Agency for illegal disposal of waste, and charged with criminal assault by a court for kicking a man in the head and spitting in his face

Robinson was elected as a member of the 'Newcastle Independent' political group. 

Robinson should resign. And failing that, his Newcastle Independent colleagues need to take action, and disendorse him from their party, and force him permanently from Newcastle City Council.

We call on his Newcastle Independent colleagues John Church, Kath Elliott, and Andrea Rufo to act now.