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"Dogs Unleashed". Time to Enforce Leash Laws in Parks and Public Places.

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All of us deserve to live in a safe, respectful environment.
We can create that type of community by thinking about the consequences – unintended or not – of our actions and commit to not making poor choices or assumptions that could cost a dog or person their entire quality of life.

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Off Leash Dogs should not be allowed to " terrorise " innocent people out walking their own leashed dogs in parks and public places.

Under NSW law, dogs must be under effective control with an ‘‘adequate chain, cord or leash’’ in public places.

Too many pet dogs and their owners are being injured from being attacked by other dogs that are running around off lead and out of control in public places. 

It’s our responsibility as pet owners to take control of our dogs and walk them on a lead.

There are many people out there in the Hunter Region who are letting their dogs run leash free and they can't, won't or don’t control them.

This is very confronting and terrifying for other people with dogs.

Lots of decent responsible pet owners are now too frightened to take their dogs for a walk.

Some of these irresponsible people are also abusing those with dogs on leads and think it's their right to let their dogs run free because "they have been doing it for years".


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