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Moko Rangitoheriri was only 3 years old. He was bitten, slapped, kicked and stomped on. Moko’s death was extremely violent. His killers were initially charged with murder but those charges were plea bargained down to manslaughter! Enough is enough #JUSTICEFORMOKO

By signing this petition, you join us in calling upon the government to:

  1. Immediately introduce a system under which a High Court Judge must approve any arrangement under which an originally laid charge alleging murder is replaced by a lesser charge, with the Judge empowered to order that a trial of the defendant(s) on the original charge proceed; and
  2. As a matter of urgency, make whatever law changes may be necessary to outlaw the practice of plea bargaining negotiations initiated by Crown Prosecutors.

**This petition also consists of a hard copy which is also being distributed via our mailing list and other social media related to #JusticeForMoko**

Stand Up New Zealand Day - Will YOU Be Joining Us?

At 9am on Monday, 27th June, at your local Courthouse, an organised nationwide rally will be happening to STAND UP for justice. A peaceful presence of people to show it must stop.

This date was chosen as it is the day that Moko Rangitoheriri's killers Tania Shailer and David Haerewa will be sentenced.

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The history of the plea bargain debacle The purpose of this petition is to ensure a review of plea bargains and that public safety is the paramount consideration of ALL legislation.

Historically plea bargaining negotiations were initiated by the defence. Under the new legislation (2013) a plea bargain may now be initiated by the defence and/or the Crown
Solicitor. The new legislation includes bulk funding of Crown Solicitors who are now faced with a perverse incentive to dispose of cases as quickly as possible in an attempt to maintain their hourly rate.

It is now very much in a Crown Solicitors interest to ‘plead down’ cases, and save the $1 to 5 million that a major trial may cost. That means that for those cases which do proceed to trial, the Crown Solicitor is effectively getting a much higher hourly rate than if he or she had taken a particular case to trial. Due to the deathly silence from the Crown it appears that in Moko’s case, the negotiations were initiated by the Crown Solicitor at Rotorua. At the time of writing a ‘please explain’ letter to the Solicitor General has not been replied to.

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