Greater communication regarding the funded mental health counselling sessions available

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Mental health is an issue in New Zealand that needs greater support from our community and our goverment.

We are Jayde Rousseau and Chantelle Middleton two students from Macleans College completing a social studies internal regarding policy changes. We are determined to make a difference in an issue that is very relevant to us as, as well as our families but also the lives around us. We need your support to help make a change, and support the people around us who need a helping hand in life.

In 2016 there were 606 deaths by suicide, one of which was a member of our group's father Glenn Middleton. We believe that there needs to be greater communication regarding the funded counseling sessions there is available to every member of society. This communication could reduce the large number of suicides in New Zealand as well as helping people struggling with depression and anxiety by offering them the support they deserve.

Many individuals who are suffering are unaware of the funding available and think that they need to spend the money they earn to get the help they need! However this is not the case and it is time that as a nation we are more aware of the resources that are available to us. Financial problems are one of the leading causes for someone to take their life, therefore by leaving an individual unaware that there is funded sessions available could influence their overall decision to take their life. 

Please support and help us to make a difference so that there is greater communication regarding funded counseling sessions that are available to you, your loved ones and your community.