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Petitioning State Senator Jeffrey Klein and 4 others

New York State Senate: Support the Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act


Farmworkers in New York have about the same rights as they did in 1900. Supporting the Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act (FFLPA) will help local farmworkers get the same rights all the rest of us enjoy.

FFLPA would:

Establish an 8 hour workday

Allow farmworkers an optional day of rest per week

Prohibit child farmworkers from being paid below a minimum wage

Give farmworkers the right to bargain collectively

Ensure that housing facilities meet basic standards under the Sanitary Code

Provide worker's comp to employees injured on the job

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Letter to
State Senator Jeffrey Klein
State Senator Dean Skelos
State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins
and 2 others
Governor Andrew Cuomo
New York State Senate
Support the Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act (FFLPA)! I, as a New Yorker, care about the conditions under which produce is picked and cows are milked.

Why has it taken this long to get basic rights for farmworkers? How have we reasoned to think it is OK to specifically exclude farmworkers from the basic rights that all other industries enjoy?

While there are not many farmworkers in your constituency, I am hereby declaring my support of fair rights for New York farmworkers, and therefore compel you to do what is right, and support FFLPA.

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