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New York Mets: Drop Reyes immediately!

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Jose Reyes’s return to the New York Mets might seem like cause for celebration, but it shouldn't be. Reyes was arrested last year after he hospitalized his wife during a domestic dispute. He allegedly dragged her from the bed, choked her, and slammed her into a glass door. Do you think he should be representing America’s pastime? The Mets need to cut Reyes immediately.

Domestic violence is a serious, nationwide problem. On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by their partner in the US. The MLB and the individual teams are in a unique position to promote healthy lifestyles and set good examples. As fans, we should send them the message loud and clear that there is no room for domestic violence in major league baseball.

Unfortunately, the only real punishment Reyes received was a 52-game suspension -- less than one-third of the season. So right now he’s back out on the field, with a new Mets contract, playing third base.

Baseball players are celebrities and everyone from children to adult fans look up to them. By inviting Reyes back into the Mets’ family, they are enabling this behavior. I love the Mets, but I don’t want to cheer on a team that believes domestic violence is acceptable behavior.

Please join me in asking the Mets take a stance against domestic abuse and drop Jose Reyes!

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