Save the Historic Tanks on the Williamsburg Waterfront!

Save the Historic Tanks on the Williamsburg Waterfront!

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New York City Office of the Mayor

Why this petition matters

Hidden in plain site in Williamsburg, Brooklyn--one of the most creative neighborhoods in the world--are breathtaking relics of the waterfront's layered, industrial history. Ten decommissioned oil tanks have the potential to be re-imagined as a truly 21st-century park, worthy of Brooklyn.

Vertical gardens, performance spaces, oyster hatcheries, art installations--the possibilities to reuse these structures as public amenities for community use are virtually endless.

These historic tanks are in imminent danger of being demolished by the City without proper consideration. The Tanks is a grassroots initiative of activists and interdisciplinary professionals that have been advocating to save these structures since 2015.  

Through years of research with our environmental team, consultation, and community engagement, we've determined that preserving the Tanks not only gives the chance to create a dynamic, interactive, and educational public space, it is also the more affordable, safe, practical and sustainable option.

Sign this petition and ask the City to halt demolition and give New Yorkers a chance to learn about these Tanks and the value they could bring to Bushwick Inlet Park and the community.

Get more information at, or read Justin Davidson's recent take for New York Magazine

Check out our 5 minute film by Plane-Site documenting our journey.

1,249 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!