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New Mexico Lawmakers: Say No To An Anti-Immigrant Agenda

Gov. Susana Martinez is out to make a name for herself with the Tea Party. And she has her sights set on pushing an anti-immigrant agenda in the special legislative session this September. She has already started with a round-up of the state’s immigrant population as a pretext to repealing the state’s common sense law allowing immigrants to drive.

In her zeal to drive immigrants further underground, Gov. Martinez’s immigrant round-up defied both geographic facts and the Constitution. The round-up required that 10,000 foreign nationals living in the state drive to Albuquerque to verify — again — that they live in New Mexico. That’s an entire workday lost for those living in the southern part of the state. Those in Las Cruces, New Mexico’s second-most populous city, face at least a 9-hour round trip. Additionally, her round-up of immigrants is a clear violation of the Constitution, an embarrassing mistake for a governor bent on being a Tea Party darling.

The entire effort and the tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars wasted on it are a scheme by the governor to pad the numbers to favor her personal, political ambitions.

But this is only the beginning. Martinez has been making threats in the media that she will "crackdown" on immigrants living in New Mexico. What's next?

Sign the petition and tell New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez and the New Mexico Legislature that New Mexico Can Do Better than Arizona. Stand up against an anti-immigrant agenda.

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: New Mexico Lawmakers.

Reject Any Arizona-Style Anti-Immigrant Agenda In The Special Session

Dear Senators and Representatives,

I urge you to say no to all anti-immigrant proposals in the special session.

The New Mexico law that allows undocumented immigrants to drive is a beacon of common sense. Every New Mexican benefits when people can go to work, take their children to school and buy insurance. I, my family and my community benefit from this common-sense law as well.

Any proposal that would limit access to driver’s licenses for some New Mexicans will impact my family, my community and every New Mexican in the following ways.

If there are fewer licensed drivers on the road, insurance rates will go up for each and every New Mexican. And the fact is that restricting access to licenses prevents many drivers from getting tested, registered, photographed and acquiring insurance.

Canceling the driver’s licenses of immigrants in my community will only drive immigrants further underground. This is a disaster for the safety and trust that communities need to grow and prosper. Scapegoating and alienating any part of my community is an affront to what makes our state and our country great.

Most troubling, I fear what canceling licenses will mean for law enforcement. Our law enforcement officers need tools to locate potential witnesses and suspects. The work that law enforcement does in keeping me and my family safe is too important to jeopardize over emotion-based politics.

I ask you as a proud New Mexican voter to reject any agenda that would put New Mexico in the company of states like Arizona, Alabama and Georgia. New Mexico can do better.

I urge you to reject this and any other anti-immigrant proposals during this special session.

I also respectfully remind you that as all lawmakers look ahead to future elections, alienating and scapegoating any sector of our society will cost at the polls.

Please say no to an anti-immigrant agenda in the special session.


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