Protect New Farm Park

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Brisbane City Council is proposing to change New Farm Park forever and we need your help to ask them to stop, collaborate and listen.

BCC have Development Applications in place to change New Farm Park from a heritage park to 'the front gate to the Powerhouse'. We need your help to tell Council that this special inner city heritage park is a place to go TO, not a place to drive THROUGH.

The changes proposed in the current DA will increase traffic driving to, and through, New Farm Park (BCC consultants report September 2020). 

The current Council DA process was initially closed to community submissions. Thanks to the growing support of this petition and the coverage of 612 ABC and Brisbane Times BCC have now activated the ability for the community to have their say. However BCC and Cr Howard are still not able to provide us with the dates for the 14 day public notification period.

By signing this petition you are joining people from all over Brisbane, Queensland and beyond in asking BCC to withdraw the current development applications and commit to a FULL proper, detailed community consultation BEFORE they start diverting traffic and changing our Park into a roundabout. 

The people of Brisbane love New Farm Park and, with green space rapidly becoming a rarer commodity, we need parks to remain parks so people have places to enjoy open spaces.

People do not want our park to become a traffic congestion solution. They want it to be a Park. People come from near and far to enjoy the green space, the roses, the river, the shady trees and jacarandas. The wide open areas to gather are so important in a post-Covid world. No-one comes here to enjoy a roundabout.

The changes include:

1. Creating roads for cars in to the park by re-opening currently dormant maintenance roads to accommodate up to 250 cars an hour.

2. Diverting additional cars past the children's playground and through to the Powerhouse carpark. Under this change cars using the Powerhouse car park must enter this carpark through New Farm Park rather than the current entrance on Lamington Street.

3. No plans to separate children from traffic with BCC relying on the existing playground hedges and plants as a 'hard barrier' they believe will protect children from the increased traffic. 

4. New pedestrian bridges, lighting and pathways will be built to control where people walk to leave the current ring road free for cars. 

5. A 40 metre drop off zone to be built inside the park for Ubers, taxis, coaches and other vehicles and the removal of car parks and trees to accommodate this.

A group of concerned locals has spent time reading the reports and getting advice from specialists who understand the cumulative impact these changes will have. Despite repeated requests we have not been able to get Council to have a community meeting or run a community consultation programme. 

The current plans lodged show that Council has got it wrong and needs our help to get this right. We need input from all park users so Council can change these current plans which are unsafe and detract from this heritage park. Help us help them come up with a solution that protects the last large green park in this part of Brisbane. 

Things we need our local decision makers to understand:

1. Over 50% of children enrolled in local schools do not live in houses.  New Farm Park is their backyard, their garden and their only large space to toddle, run, play hide and seek, play soccer, or just run around like kids do. The proposed plan makes their New Farm Park 'backyard' a less safe and more congested place to play.

2. Over 70% of dwellings in this area are apartments and this trend towards higher density living is continuing unabated. New Farm Park's open green space is shared by a growing number of people who have no other place to stretch their legs, run, cycle, walk the dog or just meet with family and friends in the fresh air. The cranes in the skyline are a constant reminder that there are more and more people moving here everyday and we have to balance that development with places to get fresh air and feel some grass under your feet.

3. People from all over our city (and the world) make memories here. Generations of people have stared in wonder at the jacarandas, proposed to that special someone or gathered to celebrate a new life or remember someone special to them. We need to keep it a special place to (literally) stop and smell the roses. 

We are a concerned group of locals asking people to sign a petition calling for a proper consultation process. New Farm Park is too special to be changed in a rush and without thought for the future. Join us in asking BCC for a proper, detailed, well advertised and well resourced consultation process including reports on road safety, pedestrian movements, environment and heritage protection, and sustainability. 

There are no community meetings planned and the small amount of information published on these changes is silent on the increase in traffic. This will be approved by Council over Christmas if we don't ask for consultation now.

If you want Brisbane City Council to conduct proper consultation on these changes then sign the petition below and please SHARE it with anyone you know who loves New Farm Park and thinks Brisbane needs to protect its green spaces.

Announcement from Cr Vicki Howard on Thursday 17 November 2020 2pm.

Good Afternoon Everyone

Thank you for making contact with my office about the recent proposals in and around New Farm Park.

The response to the proposed changes has shown how connected, passionate and respondent the New Farm community is.

I have listened to residents and have advised Brisbane City Council I do not support the proposed changes to Lamington Street, or the proposed two-way access driveway from the ring road to the existing Powerhouse carpark.

I was pleased to be advised today that the proposed changes to Lamington Street and the proposed two-way access will no longer be part of this proposal.

The proposed safety improvements, new picnic area and accessible toilets will proceed through to public notification for community feedback.

Kind regards

Note we DO NOT require donations to promote this petition but it will remain open as the issue progresses.