Justice for turbina animal cruelty

Justice for turbina animal cruelty

July 31, 2020
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Started by margarita B

Justice for turbina

July 11 2020 was when my nightmare occurred my dog was taken to lucky’s pet grooming and boutique at 1460 E Charleston Blvd Las Vegas NV 

The groomer Ángela simmit aka mayra was the person who handled my dog .This person waited till almost close time to call my mom to pick up turbina . When my mother arrived my dog was spinning her head and was very dizzy . My mother proceeded to ask the groomer why my dog was acting like this they said she was just sleeping and they didn't know .

My mother brought her home and told me my dog was spinning and twitching her head and her head and neck were hot to the touch. 

to make story short my dog 7-18-2020 she had surgery for a broken jaw and neck injury and swollen neck and other injuries she sustained at this location.

i reported it to animal control in las vegas but the problem the animal control supervisor cant file charges becausethere is no video footage .

im asking that all groomers all over the united states are required to have cameras in the animal service area . They need to be licensed and have insurance and legal in the country and all employees to carry a valid license to work there. Im asking for them to have a separate bond to cover injured dogs.

im asking to close down Luckys pet grooming and boutique due to animal abuse there are 3 other victims

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Signatures: 2,108Next Goal: 2,500
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  • Nevada State Senate
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  • Tick SegerblomState Senator
  • Kamala HarrisAttorney General