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In recent years we have witnessed the exponential growth of kpop worldwide. Thanks to the use of the Internet and social medias, new and younger kpop groups managed to reach a popularity that was unimaginable only a few years ago. What we must never forget though, it's the huge contribution that older groups gave to the genre we know today. Despite not having the same means of communication, older kpop groups managed to reach just as impressive results as groups of today, creating the bases of kpop as we know it today.

One of these groups is SUPER JUNIOR, known as the Hallyu Kings. They were and still are part of those who played a significant role in the evolution and spread of kpop both across Asia and the rest of the world. They are also amongst the few old generation groups who manage to stay on top the charts today, releasing albums and touring around the world in front of thousands of people, even after 15 years of career. Despite being veterans, they continue to set new records and raise the standards within kpop with fresh and new concepts that were never seen before and they are always open to welcome new technologies and new experiments in their sounds and performances everytime, continously surprising their fans with unexpected images. 

Not only that, but with over 15 years of career, Super Junior have proven to be innovators even outside of the music scene. Currently counting 10 members, each one of them is successfully active in the most various fields - Super Junior are actors, composers, hosts and television personalities, directors for concerts and music videos, musical actors, philanthropists active in famous charity organisations, radio speakers and more recently, even youtubers.

For these reasons and many more, Super Junior truly represent the perfect example of what being a great group means. Over the course of the years, they created a bond that equals that of a family, they stayed together through thick and thin, witnessing the changes in kpop through the years and leading the scene for over 15 years. They became true legends and a landmark for younger groups who respect and look up to them.

Their fans know extremely well how hard they worked to reach the results they have today and how much they have been through without ever giving up. As veterans in their field, no one knows better than Super Junior what being a kpop group means. They were the ones who initiated the genre, changed it and spread it across the world even before the expansion of the Internet, starting from the intense years of training in the biggest entertainment company in Korea, going through scandals, hardships and personal tragedies, up until today. No one knows about KPop more and better than Super Junior and for this reason, we ask for a documentary dedicated to them and their journey, so that, in honor of their 15th anniversary, they can tell through their own words their history and the history of a music genre.