All Inclusive Netball Uniform Policy (full length black tights allowed)

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I'm looking for the freedom to wear plain black tights under Netball uniform. As we reflect on International Women's Day we still have to fight for some rights even with organisations that are predominantly run by women. The reason we are given is "It's not in the uniform code" like it would cause confusion on the court. If the National Basketball League are allowed, I don't see why a non professional, Saturday playing, Mum isn't even allowed to take the court with them on (this being the case at my Grand Final last year). 

We "Netballers" play in winter, in short dresses, as most of us are tall this makes them mini dresses. We are NOT allowed to wear black tights under the uniform, unless for religious or medical reasons. I am a 34 year old Teacher who regularly sees my students at Netball on Saturday, and whilst I think it's great they see me participating in the sporting community, they wouldn't see me wearing a dress that short at school even if I was a PE Teacher, teaching Netball.
I should be able to choose how much leg I show off, no tights are fine for those who don't want to wear them, but this petition is about my rights and my choices. This goes for anybody else who would feel more comfortable with a choice to wear them or not! Please sign and help support our right to choose.  


Image Source: Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images AsiaPac