Nermin Mesic is a danger to the public and should be removed from service immediately

Nermin Mesic is a danger to the public and should be removed from service immediately

September 1, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chris Bentley

Officer Nermin Mesic is a violent and out of control police officer that should be brought up on criminal charges and let go, without pension, from the Ottawa Police Services. Nermin Mesic has on multiple occasions proven he is incapable of restraining himself and uses his job to protect him from punishment.

Nermin Mesic to date has:

1. 2009 - Officer Mesic at a disciplinary meeting plead guilty to unlawfully exercising authority, discreditable conduct, and neglect of duty under the Ontario Police Service Act. The incident involved himself and a 16 year old, in which Officer Mesic was seen slapping, kicking, choking, and forcing the youth to the ground. The assault stopped when officer Mesic noticed someone watching and told the youth "lucky someone was watching." He also demanded the crisis worker that was with him to not tell anyone what she had seen.

No criminal charges were laid as the victim could never be found.

2. 2016 - Officer Mesic planned a meeting with his income property tenant at a Tim Horton's restaurant. There Mesic forced the tenant into his vehicle using his police issued pistol and once inside he begun to threaten them. These threats were horrifying in nature and included the death of the tenant, the death of their child, and the kidnapping and subsequent selling of the child on black market. The things he said to this person should never be said to anyone, and should have never come out of a police officers mouth when they are expected to uphold the law.

Nermin Mesic was issued a paid suspension until the situation could be resolved. He then spent 4 years on suspension making more than 100,000$/year of tax payers money to do no work and was issued a 1 year demotion.

3. 2021 - Officer Mesic was called to a potential animal abuse case 3 times, had he done his job the first 2 times the untimely death of Bane the abusers puppy. 

In the first two calls Officer Mesic took no witness statements and took the abuser at their word, being okay with the suspect saying that the dogs were okay, even once convincing Nermin that he had been washing the dogs and they hated it so they were barking a lot. In both cases he left and did not contact the Animal-Welfare office and did not say there should be any follow up in his reports.

When 9-1-1 was called for the 3rd time they refused to deploy a car to the scene, and I would personally speculate this was due to the other two calls being deemed "false". The witness then called Animal-Welfare who told her that they would only be able to come out there in a week or more but unfortunately could not come now. During that phone call the AW worker heard the animals being abused and called 9-1-1 themselves.

Officer Mesic arriving for the third time was again about to leave when a resident told them that the man had a history of lying and demanded they listen to their recording. Hearing the abuse the entered the unit and found it smelled of urine and feces with one dog still alive and poor Bane dead in the bathtub. It was determined that Bane died from abuse.

Even while demoted, Officer Mesic shows he is incapable of performing his duties correctly. Had he listened to witnesses recordings or followed up with them at all, it is likely Bane would still be alive.

To date, Mesic has shirked up to 6 months for assaulting a minor, 5 to 10  years for kidnapping and illegal confinement, and a sentence of 2 to 5 years for threats against the tenant and their child.


We, those signing, demand the immediate removal of Mesic from the police force and that he be brought up on criminal charges just like any other citizen would. This officer has proven to be untrustworthy, violent, and a threat to those around him. The actions of this officer would land any member of the public in jail and facing large fines. It is time we stop allowing police officers to break the law with no consequence ESPECIALLY when there is undeniable proof. We ask a simple question, if capable of assaulting a minor and threatening a child's life what more is this person capable of? and what more harm will he bring to his community?

This man is a disgrace to the OPS and does nothing to improve Police - Civilian relations. How are we the people suppose to feel like the OPS serves our better interests when they allow an outright dangerous criminal to continue to serve our community? 

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Signatures: 1,665Next Goal: 2,500
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