Widen Highway 1 thru Abbotsford, BC

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In April 2019, the Province of BC NDP government announced they are moving ahead to expand Trans Canada Hwy 1 to 264th, but not as far as Abbotsford.

Widening all the way to Chilliwack would be preferential, even to those taking the bus between cities. Right now you cannot even escape traffic via Public Transit. 

Between the flood of people moving to Abbotsford and Chilliwack due to rising housing costs - plus the removal of the toll on the Port Mann bridge - the highway has become a parking lot for over 12 hours a day. 

Yet the government has not announced to the Public any plans or dates to improve on the gridlock that plagues the Fraser Valley. Instead they joke that “The need is apparent — there’s no more requirement to highlight that — it’s evident every day.”

Local politicians, particularly Abbotsford Mayor Henry Braun, have spoken frequently about the need to widen Highway 1. Braun once asked for an extra lane, but he now frequently talks about the need for two more lanes in each direction: one HOV and bus lane, and another designated for trucks, according to the Agassiz Harrison Observer.

I wait on my husbands hour+ commute to travel 30km and I feel frustrated that they will not release a proposed date to start construction. Does not belonging to the GVRD mean that we are not important enough to be heard?!

I’m not stating that widening the highway will solve all our problems. Yes, we need to look at the big picture. Yes, we need to invest in better public transit. Yes, we would love the sky train or another rail option to come out to the Fraser Valley. But how does any of that translate to leaving the residents of Abbotsford, Chilliwack and beyond in the dark about something that affects us all NOW? You have had decades to plan. When are decisions going to be announced?!

Do I need to do yoga on a bridge wearing Lululemon with goats to know my concerns are being addressed?

When? What year? How many lanes? Just let us know it’s coming in the near future so we can have some faith that the average working class person outside of Vancouver matters to be our government. Give us a date! Give us hope! PRETTY PLEASE!