Fire Racist Shane Gillis From SNL

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Shane Gillis, the latest announced new hire to Saturday Night Live, has had his disturbing history of racist remarks against Asian-Americans exposed. Despite a well-documented pattern of bigoted, racist and anti-Asian remarks, SNL, its network NBC, and their parent company Comcast, have made no statements condemning Gillis, nor taken any disciplinary action against him. This petition seeks to rectify that.

On a September 2018 episode of his podcast he denigrated Chinese-Americans, by using a stereotypical "Chinese accent" and referring to them as "f***ing ch**ks."In the same episode, Gillis and his co-host unfavorably compare Korean and Japanese people while continuing to imitate Asian accents and speak in derogatory terms about Southeast Asian "ladyboys."

Beyond that, sources in the Philadelphia comedy scene — where Gillis lived and performed from 2014 through 2018 — say they were surprised to see the SNL casting news given Gillis’s material. “Good Good Comedy Theatre stopped working with him within the past few years because of racist, homophobic, and sexist things he’s said on and offstage,” said Kate Banford, co-owner of the comedy theater. 

These are only a few instances of Gillis's racist and anti-Asian attitudes and beliefs. There are many, many more, in his stand-up "comedy", on his podcast and in his guest spots on other podcasts. 

While Gillis has issued a non-apology statement chalking his remarks up to trying to "push boundaries as a comedian", over the "past ten years" it is clear that this is not a case of some decade-old "comedy material" being unearthed years after the fact. As recently as May  2019, Gillis referred to Chinese presidential candidate Andrew Yang as a "Jew Ch*nk." It is obvious that Gillis's racist actions are ones he still engages in today in 2019, in the present-day, right now. As such his presence among the 45th season cast of SNL is completely and totally unacceptable.

We, the Asian-American and other minority viewers of SNL are NOT garbage, and are not to be taken for granted. We cannot and we will not be treated as such. We will not stand for the vocal and unapologetic racist Shane Gillis to be on the show and we demand he be fired immediately, before the commencement of the 45th season.

Sign this petition to tell SNL, their network NBC and its parent company Comcast, that they should hold Shane Gillis accountable for his racism.

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