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Naveen Patnaik: Give 33% of poll tickets to women in Odisha Assembly Elections 2019

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I have always been a proud Odia. Today, I have one more reason to celebrate my identity. Biju Janata Dal, a political party from Odisha has announced that it will give 33% tickets to women in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This decision has created history in Indian politics and will lay the path to bringing gender equality in our country's politics.

I would also like to acknowledge the fact that we are the first state in the country to pass the 33% Women's Reservation Bill at the state level and also the first state in the country to give 50% reservation to women in the panchayat elections.

This effort by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to bring gender equality in Indian politics was recently recognised by the United Nations.

So, if the BJD has already announced 33% tickets to women in the Lok Sabha elections, why not in the state assembly as well? BJD should become a role model for the rest of the country.

Sign my petition asking the BJD to announce 33% tickets to women in the state assembly elections.

The 2019 General Elections are nearing and political parties are in the process of finalising their candidates.

In the last state assembly election, only 8% tickets were given to women candidates across all parties in Odisha. And the total number of women MLAs in the current assembly is just 11 out of 147 which is again just 7%.

Can't a political party that has been at the helm of Odisha for the last twenty years, find 49 women leaders to give tickets to in the election?

Sign my petition to the President of Biju Janata Dal to issue 33% tickets to women in the state assembly elections. Let's bring more women into politics!

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