Drop YouTube sponsorship for Sam and Nia

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The purpose of this petition is to alert NatureBox about an Equal Rights situation regarding one of their sponsored YouTube vloggers, "Sam and Nia." (

On July 2nd, 2015, Sam and Nia Rader uploaded a video to their YouTube channel titled "Kids React to Gay Marriage" in which they ask their daughter, Symphony, what she thinks about two men/two women wanting to marry each other. Symphony believes that homosexual couples should be able to marry "if they want to." Unhappy with the answer and despite her being visibly uncomfortable, Sam goes on to coerce her into agreeing gay marriage is wrong by carefully rephrasing his questions and replacing man/woman with more specific "daddy" and "mommy" labels, knowing that those exact words has a greater personal significance to a child of her age and will elicit the proper response he wanted to capture from her on video. It is truly sad to see this kind of intolerance taught to our younger generation.

Original video, now private and unlisted:

Reupload of that video by an anonymous user:

With a viewership of nearly 150k, this issue can not go untouched. This disturbing video, combined with the homophobic and vile statements posted on their official facebook page by Sam's brother, Michael Rader, has urged us to send an emotional plea to NatureBox to cancel Sam and Nia's sponsorship, distance themselves from the unjustifiable actions courtesy of the Rader family, and stand up for equal rights!

Here is a screenshot of one of Michael's now-deleted comments:

We stand united to say that it is important for NatureBox to voice their support for the LGBTQ community and raise awareness for acceptance of others who support and live different lifestyles. The goal for any human being should be to respect others!

Please sign this petition, tweet @NatureBox, email, or call NatureBox directly at 1-888-613-6998 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm PST)!

NatureBox tweeted "#LoveWins" on June 26th, 2015, and we hope they stand by this message!


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