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Stop the practice of magpie trapping

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One for Sorrow...

Today I witnessed for the first time, a wild magpie caught in a small larsen trap which is basically a tiny cage with another tiny cage attached to it. The magpie in the first cage can be legally caught from the wild and kept confined like this for as long as the trapper decides before they kill it. Clearly a bird kept in these conditions is stripped of all its natural instincts to fly, find food, mate. It is basically a prisoner living in eternal confused distress and its purpose is to lure in other birds to the same fate. This is disgusting but yet it is legal. I witnessed a bird which was suffering, exposed to heavy rain with no shelter and with a thick layer of faeces at the bottom of the cage. Who is there to check on the welfare of these birds? Clearly it would not be in the interest of the trapper to assure this bird suffers as little as possible. Whoever traps these beautiful birds views them as vermin. I hate to think of animals suffering like this and one thing which deeply upsets me is seeing birds who are stripped of their ability to fly. It is heartbreaking. I have researched into this and found that Natural England and D.E.F.R.A have the ability to change the laws about this disgusting practice. Maybe- like me- people are unaware that this is going on. Particularly as like with fox hunting is seems to be a practice of the wealthy and elite who think they have some right to 'control' wildlife in this way. i think that it is happening on private estates and behind gates. If people witnessed what I saw they would want this banned. 

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