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Stop violating distressed homeowner rights and allow them to opt out of the process.

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1.  Distressed homeowners are having their rights violated under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act when Nationstar passes their personal information to a 3rd party, without their written consent.  I have had them contact me even after I made it clear to Nationstar I didn't want to anything to do with

2.  Nationstar is trying to force me to sign documents in relation to a real estate transaction under duress that would force me to list my property on despite the fact I already have an offer.  is a very embarrassing and intrusive process and I have been trying to deal with a difficult situation in a discreet and respectful manner.  Nationstar keeps denying my right to short sale because I don't want to be a party to their money making scheme.  They try to tell homeowners they can do a deed in lieu of foreclosure but that is still a foreclosure on the credit which is exactly what distressed homeowners try to avoid. Additionally homeowners with more than one lien will not qualify for that option therefore they are trying to force (under duress) us to sign their 3rd party paperwork or we wont be able to short sale.

3.  Nationstar tries to say that is a market validation process however the only nationally recognized market validation in this country is an appraisal which they still do during this process.  The bottom line is Nationstar has a business interest with and charges a 5% premium to winning bidders.  By Nationstar forcing homeowner to go to for the purposes of financial gain it could be argued that they are basically steering which is illegal.  In my opinion this is the worst and most egregious violation of homeowner rights I have seen in some time.  Please stop Nationstar from continuing to violate our rights!

4.  Nationstar tries to say they have the right to market this property how they see fit but this is a lie.  They cannot market MY property!  They don't OWN the property!  I own it and how I chose to market it is MY choice.  Their rights are limited to accepting or countering the amount being offered for the home ONLY!  They have NO marketing rights unless it is an REO!  How dare them try to assert rights that do NOT belong to them.  Someone please step in and stop these bullies from abusing distressed homeowners!

Aside from stopping them from violating my rights along with other homeowners the other reason why you should support this is because if you own a home (or one day want to own one and this process is allowed to continue it's possible  eventually all lenders could require any homeowner facing foreclosure to immediately put their home on (if they didn't qualify for loan modification).  This would in effect create an illegal monopoly taking away the rights of homeowners to chose their own vendors such as their local Real Estate Agent.

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