Build Barricades to prevent animals from entering Highways

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Do you want to save animals? As humans, the most powerful species on this Each, it is our responsibility to take care of all the beings on this Earth. Read on.

You are waiting for your family member to come home and you get a call saying that they have met with an accident! A life is lost and you have lost one of your loving persons! But while you are riding back home, you see a dead animal on the road and you see it like an impediment which needs to be thrown away from the road. But should we not realize that the animal too has a family and may be its new borns might be waiting for their mom to get food and then they get no information as to why their mom is not home. Is it not horrifying? We, human beings have resources to reach out to. We contact our friends, we call ambulance, we have media but what about animals who die on the highways? Their newborns keep waiting and there is no wait to their end.

We cannot do anything once the animals are dead, but we can do something which will prevent the animals from coming onto the roads. The highways are constructed for high speed vehicles and as Humans we are educated enough to understand to be careful on the highways and not to walk into it but the same is not known to animals who come on to the highways and then get hit. This poses a threat not only to the animals but also to the drivers and the passengers who meet with terrible accidents and may end up getting hurt or losing their life. Hence, we are proposing to barricade the Highways so that animals are prevented from loitering onto highways. It is difficult to barricade entire highway and it is not practical either. However, it is possible to barricade the highways where the highways meet villages and cities where the population is denser.

Vinayak Kesarkar from Kakati, Belagavi of Karnataka is working towards rescuing animals and is working voluntarily and has saved more than 2000 animals and has been working towards the well being of animals. He has been requesting the National Highway Authorities to build barricades at the villages where there is National Highway. However, inspite of repeated requests and inspite of bringing a number of accidents to their notice, still no action has been taken. Hence, he wants to make his voice louder so that the concerned authorities can listen to his voice and build barricades which will prevent animals from venturing onto highways and thereby saving their precious lives. Hence, we request you to join us on this journey to do our bit for the animals and request you to sign this petition so that we can help animals out.

Please save animals, Save Earth!