Bleeding NH-8 alongwith Kherki Daula Gurgaon Toll Plaza robbing passengers everyday

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We want to address 2 critical issues with this petition.

1. It’s very common to observe pedestrians  jumping from divider fencing and crossing highway every day. It causes a lot of casualties and economic loss to the passengers of NH-8.

There are lack of pedestrian arrangements across the stretch of Manesar Toll. It’s called highway but we can hardly find any Patrolling Vehicle, which could stop pedestrians from jumping fence.

We are paying toll taxes for the maintenance and road safety. But it’s not being utilized for the same purpose.

We are using this highway at our own risk.


2. Kherki Daula Gurgaon Toll is mandatory to reach companies in IMT Manesar using NH-8 from Gurgaon.

There are 3 dedicated lane of Passtag / Fastag, which are always choked due to lack of systematic approach and poor use of technology. Whereas CASH lane is always moving, but time taken to pass Tag lanes is much longer.

Instead of improving the system of these lanes, we could observe the increase in number of goons in Toll uniform, who misbehave and threaten us every time, we pass this toll plaza.

We have heard many times, that this toll is going to be shifted from present location. But it seems that it is just a news, without any action taken on the same.

Request the Toll users to support this petition, so that our daily pain can be reduced and we feel safe while passing from NH-8.