Reverse the USMLE Step 1 Scoring System

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As of Feb 12, 2020, the NBME invoked change to the USMLE Step 1 grading scale -- away from the 3 digit scores (e.g. 230) and to a binary pass-fail grading system. This eradicates the objectivity in assessing applicants from nontraditional backgrounds including IMGs, DOs and mid/lower-tier medical students. 

With an already chaotic medical system in which wait times and expenses  are through the roof, and with a shortage of doctors, it would seem counterproductive to eliminate opportunities for aspiring medical students to not be able to fill these gaps. Instead, this only promotes more stress upon medical students on further testing (such as the Step 2 CK and applying for research under already exhaustive study environments that medical school places upon their student populous).

It's a difficult journey to the pathway to medical school for many undergraduate students, and this change places further stress on them as well; as it only further accentuates the need for an extremely high GPA and MCAT score to apply to more reputable medical schools - allowing these students to ride on the name of their medical colleges during residency applications than genuine intellectual merit. 

Please take a couple of minutes out of your day to allow medical students from a wide array of backgrounds the opportunity to practice medicine. Without a score-system, nontraditional applicants will have to worry about jumping through fiery hoops to reach their goals, furthering physician burnout rates and lowering the effectiveness of care for you, and your loved ones.