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Name the TRAPPIST-1 planets after the Kerbol system from KSP

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Let's be honest : Kerbal Space Program brought more to space exploration and public interest in space exploration than any piece of entertainment. It is time to honor indie game development studio Squad Games' achievement by naming the potentially livable planets from the star system TRAPPIST-1 after the Kerbol system from KSP.

It is probable that other planets will be discovered, but coincidentally, there are currently 7 potentially habitable planets in the TRAPPIST-1 system, and 7 planets in the fictional Kerbol system (Moho, Eve, Kerbin, Duna, Dres, Jool and Eeloo). Let us write this historical discovery by naming these 7 planets with these names, from Moho (the closest to the star) to Eeloo (the farthest).

It might be a lot to ask for all 7 planets to be renamed after KSP's planets, so just naming one of them as Kerbin (the main, Earth-like planet in the Kerbol system) would already be an honor beyond measure for that studio that in the span of a few years made space a passion and a dream for so many of us gamers.

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