Amendment in Animal Laws in India .. Brutal cases come up everyday but perpetrators r free

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The voiceless feel terror, pain, love, sadness etc like we humans do but some monsters amongst us are so brutal that they cut off the paws of a dog for fun and post it on TikTok (#JusticeforGia), while someone beats a pregnant dog leaving it to die in agony (#JusticeforApril)..the cases are innumerable and indescribable..the atrocities of these people are a shame on humanity..but sadly even if one files a case against them they get away scot free as the laws in India against animal atrocity are very weak. There is also no seperate body where one can report either a case seen in person or a case gone viral and expect action. We have the police who have enough muck in their hands already to care for this. We need stricter laws in fact more strict then ones existing for humans as these are voiceless creatures. Please support and sign this petition and write to PMO online for the same

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The laws should be strict enough for the offence to be non bailable and invoke 302.. we should also fight against the way the pet shops keep them caged

Time we take an united stance