We want BJP in Karnataka: A stable and corrupt free government.

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Dear kannadigas,

I am very dishearten to see this situation right now going on in Karnataka. The constitution says it is by the people, for the people ,and of the people but it always considered in an opposite way it is by the politics, for the politics, and of the politics. When is the people voice heard? The people have chosen BJP with the high number  of seats than the other party and it clearly says that we don’t want any unstable government to rule the state. If the constitution is for people. If this is a democratic country. The people have already given there decision by choosing BJP with majority of the MLAS with maximum votes . And just the party don’t have 9 More MLAS  they are ignoring 104 MLAS who have wone the elections . People chose BJP to rule the state not the combination of JDS and  CONGRESS . still with just some cheep political games the constitution which is made for the people is ignoring the people! The decision given by the people. If the JD’s and congress is forming the government . If you all agree with my thought please rise your voice before our decision is ignored for the betterment of your state and nation . 

From the citizen of India.