Removal of Duties and Tax on Redevelopment of Old Properties in Gujarat

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I, Jitendra Shah, am starting this petition in concern of the various duties levied on redevelopment scheme across India and the state of Gujarat in particular.

Dilapidated buildings on the verge of collapse are a grim reality for thousands of housing societies across not only Ahmedabad but also throughout the country. A few incidents also have occurred throughout the country and the city that have highlighted the need to reconstruct such buildings that have run their lifespan. According to data from National Crime Records Bureau, 38363 people lost their lives due to collapse of various structures between 2001 and 2015, whereas 2704 buildings have fallen and 234 died in the last five years in Mumbai.


The data is frightening and it creates unrest among the residents living in such places.

Redevelopment opens up new avenues and gives such residents a chance to refurbish their existing residential complexes to upkeep their changing lifestyles and needs, create a safer place, better amenities and more space to accommodate their growing families without spending any single Rupee. Occupants also get several benefits like hassle-free execution, extra carpet area, corpus fund, upmarket amenities and alternate accommodation or rent compensation for the period during which the building is under construction. It has multiple advantages for builders as it also opens an arena of opportunities for them.

It has been observed and also debated at most of the professional platforms that an integrated approach towards redevelopment needs to be addressed in a holistic manner, rather than unraveling issues with a segmented and fragmented approach which ultimately results in temporary shifting of the issues and perhaps, we are unable to solve and understand the complexity of the matter of redevelopment and thus results in lives lost.

Some states have taken noticeable steps in order to address the issue but it is still lacking the attention it deserves in Gujarat. There is need to see redevelopment projects through a wide lens and consider issues of connectivity, green spaces, landscapes and skylines. Our policies and by-laws are not geared towards holistic redevelopment.

In the video, I talk about how and what duties are levied on Redevelopment.

Abolishment of the levied GST, removal of stamp duty and providing an incentive on FSI will make a huge impact in making it possible. 

The rising cost of properties and lack of space in the city make redevelopment of the dilapidated residential buildings a smart move. In order to make the optimum use of the land available at hand (considering it as a scarce and costly commodity) it is my humble request to take all of this into consideration and help us by providing relief from the same. If these duties are removed, it will provide huge motivation to builders to do the best possible job where it also becomes viable for them to take up any redevelopment scheme and in turn will be beneficial for the people.

I am the Chairman of Urban Redevelopment Housing Society Welfare Association which is an institution that works in the field of redevelopment where we provide knowledge, expertise and guidance for skilled application of the various norms and policies free of cost. We make sure that all the factors/queries are diligently taken care of while opting for redevelopment; factors such as delay in possession of flats in redevelopment of housing society, delivery of flats in time, drafting of development agreement, letter of consent to be written by a member of the housing society, facts and fundamentals about redevelopment, etc. We aim to provide exclusive knowledge to the middle class family man to tackle unresolved problems and solutions for successful and winning completion of redevelopment projects without any added expenses.