Death/Capital punishment to rapists in India

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This is to the people of India, you won't deny the current situation of our country with respect to the increasing rape and assaults cases against women. These news are no odd to us, we have been ignoring such incidents and hence making it common in our society. We have been practicing victim shaming and give subtle reactions on such crimes. 

Be it Nirbhaya or Priyanka Reddy, Delhi or Hyderabad, our country has been vandalised with such cases. We are not a generation of false acceptance. Women harassment cases have increased in abundance and the culture and society is paying for it. We have severe restrictions for girls, we make rules for them, why do we even need such rules?

We don't know the accurate reason for not implementing death penalties on rapists, but we would request our hon'ble PM and Home Minister to take these incidents seriously and implement strict laws in order to stop such crimes.

We not only want capital punishments to be pondered over, we also want good precautionary measures and implementations so that these crimes do not affect the lives of victims and their families. 

Punishment would serve as justice but precautions would save lives. Save many lives. 

Jai Hind

Pratyush Singh