People of Karnataka do not want Venkayya to represent them in Rajya Sabha

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We Indians voted Modi to power on the hope that Modi would transform India into a developed nation and the team of Modi and Amit Shah is a beacon of hope to millions of Indians. Modi always responded to people's wishes and his incredible work ethics and devotion towards country's progress is being witnessed by us. Thanks to Modi Governments pro-people approach India is reaching soaring heights in all fields.

Modi is undoubtedly a great visionary which India deserved from a long time, but the same cannot be said about all his Ministers and MPs. There are few ministers who represent the age old, lethargic mindset which the earlier Governments had and hindered India's development. One such minister is Mr Venkayya Naidu, whose contributions to the people of Karnataka are less than the hairs on a freshly shaved head of a devotee in Tirumala.

Rajya Sabha or Council of States is meant to safeguard the interests of the people of the State, but this Venkayya Naidu neither belongs to Karnataka State nor has worked towards the development of Karnataka State during his last 3 tenures as MP of Rajya Sabha from Karnataka. During the last few days thousands of people from Karnataka has taken their frustration online and campaigned against him and appealed to BJP Karnataka not to push for his candidature for RS Seat. The hash tag “Venkayya Sakayya” and “Go Back Venkayya” was an all India trend. Mr. Naidu neither speaks the language of the land he represents nor has taken up any issues of Karnataka State to the Parliament.

BJP Karnataka has turned deaf and has failed miserably to understand the frustration of thousands of people of Karnataka and have put forward Mr. Naidu’s name for the upcoming election. We have high hopes on BJP central leadership to understand and respond to the wishes of the people of Karnataka and select a candidate who understand and reflect the sentiments of people of Karnataka. If the BJP central leadership continues to ignore people’s wishes, we the people of Karnataka who has sent 19 MPs to Lok Sabha would consider BJP to be an indifferent party and would take a stand to make Karnataka free from BJP – “#BJPMukthaKarnataka”.

This petition would be forwarded to BJP National Executive, PM Modi and Amit Shah.

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