.@narendramodi -Speak to the Nation through an Interview with Ravish Kumar #PMTalkToRavish

.@narendramodi -Speak to the Nation through an Interview with Ravish Kumar #PMTalkToRavish

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Sumbul Mashhadi started this petition to Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India) and

Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji,

We are about to enter a historic moment of the world's biggest exercise in democracy; The 2019 General Elections of India! The party manifestos have been released and the entire country is gearing up for casting their vote and electing the next government.

While we have many leaders and politicians giving statements and soundbytes, one voice that is missing is that of our Prime Minister. For the first time in our country, a sitting Prime Minister is about to complete a full term without a single press conference.

Unfortunately, now that the model code of conduct has kicked in, it rules out a press conference, however, we still have the opportunity to hear your voice through a free and fair interview.

PM Modi, will you speak to the nation through an interview conducted by renowned journalist Ravish Kumar?

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Mr. Modi, while you have given a few sit down interviews in your current term as a Prime Minister, including three this year, there are many who believe that those interviews were staged, rehearsed and that the anchors asked you questions that were soft and frivolous. Ravish Kumar is a seasoned and acclaimed journalist who has not shied away from posing tough questions to those who appear on his show - whether it be the previous UPA government of the current BJP led one.

As you know, the leader of opposition, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, has been asking you to enter a public debate with him on issues concerning the nation. While agreeing to do or not is completely your call, it is worth noting that five years ago, when it was his party leading the government, Rahul himself agreed to sit down for an interview with probably his harshest critic, Arnab Goswami.

In your own words, asking the Government questions is not only important but also patriotic. Myself, and the other Indians who will co-sign this petition, consider Ravish Kumar a trustworthy voice to talk to citizens of our nation about issues that you deeply care about.

Modiji, we would really like to hear you address topics such as growing crimes against women and minorities, rising unemployment and alleged crimes against women and corruption within your own party. That's why we want to see our #PMTalktoRavish.

There is belief that the only time our nation has heard you speak is during election rallies or through allegedly staged and pre-rehearsed interviews. As citizens of this country, we too want to hear you address the nation not as a party spokesperson, but as the Prime Minister of India.

Now, as the general election comes closer, the nation truly wants to know and hear your voice. By appearing for an interview with Ravish Kumar, you can prove the detractors wrong and send a message that you are open to facing questions that we, the people of India have.

In anticipation,
An Indian Woman.

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At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!