Justice For Anissia

Justice For Anissia

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Anissia Batra's suspicious and sudden death. 

The last message that 39-year old Anissia Batra sent people close to her was to call the police on her husband, Mayank Singhvi. She wrote that her husband had locked her in a room, that she was about to lose her life and that they were not to let him go. That was on July 13th, Friday.
Her family never saw her alive again.

The police allege that Anissia jumped to her death from her home in South Delhi. A claim that her family strongly refutes, insisting that there is more to this than suicide.  Mere days before her death, Anissia’s father a retired Major General who has served the country for over forty years, filed a complaint with the Hauz Khas police station stating that she was being tortured by her husband and in-laws. This is the very same station that is now handing the case as well.  He had also written that Mayank Singhvi and his family were to be held responsible if she was physically harmed.
Despite all this and the days that have passed since, the police is yet to arrest either the husband or any one else. This being one of the many lapses on their part as Anissia's distraught brother, Karan Batra points out. 

“The police say they have sealed the area and locked their room, but Mayank went there last night, he has a spare key... they have removed all the evidence,” Karan said while speaking to the press on Sunday 15th July.

 The family is also bewildered at the clear lack of process, as well. Despite having a legal order that stated that the postmortem being conducted at AIMS was to be videographed, due process was not followed with many from the police like the Station House Officer (SHO) turning a deaf ear on the family’s pleas for transparency and honesty. Her death was reported to the police immediately on Friday 13th July evening and the FIR was still delayed by the police. Eventually the case has been registered on Saturday 14th July under IPC section 304 (b). The FIR does not include statements made by Anissia's father Maj Gen RS Batra even though he went on record. Section 304 (b) is a non-bailable offense and as of launching this petition it has been over 42 hours with no arrests made or detention of Anissia's husband Mayank Singhvi and his parents.  

Anissia’s family stood by her when she chose to marry Mayank. Today, having tragically lost her to what they believe is violent domestic abuse; all the family is asking for is a fair investigation.
All they are hoping for is justice and answers.

Justice For Anissia

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