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Justice for 2017 NEET PG Merit holders

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Respected Sir/ Madam

I am writing this petition on behalf of the medical fraternity as a last resort to you since we have been put down everywhere else we have tried to make our problems heard. We as medical students have strived very hard and sacrificed our youth to long hours of studies and hardwork for the ultimate aim to help the people of this great nation. The government introduced NEET PG conducted by NBE and Prometric which i am disappointed to say has been plagued by issues since the very beginning and now the move to provide incentive marks to inservice candidates has only made our condition worse.. it makes me wonder why do we even study for these exams since merit holds no value today in this great nation of ours. These are the problems currently being faced by a general category student with merit..

1. NBE has multiple sessions and has an NDA which forbids release of question and their answers and add to that the fiasco of multi day sessions it is hardly transparent. When there was an appeal of fraud they silently removed the name of two candidates this year who managed to score a decent rank without even passing MBBS and are now calling students to NBE office verify biometric data. I personally know people who couldnt pass their MBBS in 8 years still managed to secure Ai rank in 1000 and have taken MS Ortho which is my dream branch..Isnt this unfair? They took 2 months to publish an online exam result & then 4 months to conduct online counselling (1st round). If you know and acknowledge there are fraudsters the counselling process should have been stopped and a fresh list have been made excluding them so that only those with merit get a chance to pursue PG. Even if these fraudsters are removed after a month of enquiry it would be of no consequence as those with merit would have already been denied their rightful seat. The whole thing is plagued with corruption at the highest level. For a moment lets ignore the corruption atleast we were satisfied with the decision to introduce 5000 seats in PG this year.. Then this happens.

2A. NEW SEATS : They were not added in first round All India (Understandable as it has to go through a process and system) So we filed a case in Supreme court (Case no. 153/2017) to extend counselling by one more round (ie. 3 rounds in total) so that when seats are added All India general category students have a chance to get their desired seat by 3rd round. We had to beg money from students all over India to pay the lawyers to fight our case when our enlightened Judge Mr Dipak Misra shot down our case saying in his very own words " I dont care if the seasts get wasted let them be wasted".. It is really hard to have faith in judiciary when a persons ego decides the fate of thousands of doctors careers. He essentially passed a professional death sentence for candidates like me.. The states refused to add the new seats in round 1 and have knowingly added them to second round because by that time All India and DNB rounds will be over and maximum seats will be reverted to State and by current scenario directly to Inservice candidates since there are hardly any merit holders in state lists as per new unjust reservations.

2B. COUNSELLING SCHEDULE : It was such a mess to start with and the directives were not clear for anybody. All this added to the confusion but we kept our peace because we had faith in the system that it will do right.. Sincere words from Mr Batra from NBE as we have found out were just honey coated lies in our face. The logical sequence which any literate person would have told was to conduct All India round 1 followed by State and DNB round 1 then repeat same for second round so that maximum students can get seats. At the moment Half the states have not even conducted Round 1 as of now and have pushed it back so that they happen after All india round 2. Same is the case with DNB first round. This is violation of the court directives and facilitates blocking and transfer of seats from All India to state which we wont be eligible for since they will go to inservice candidates with the new reservations. 

3. The Quota : There are almost 1 Lakh students who gave this exam for 50% seats in All India. Chances of good clinical seats are only if you score under 5000. The Government has given Quota to Inservice candidates via state merit list. This has been a slap on the face from the govt to students like me who secured merit but are unable to get any seat because of this reservation. I would like to ask a few questions regrading this.

Q1. Why are they being given 10 20 30 percent marks?

The difference between Rank 1 and rank 5000 is barely 100 marks. for my state of UP AI rank 10000 has been awarded 30% (almost 300 ) marks and now he is Rank 4 in UP. Amongst the top 500 in UP barely 150 are genuine NEET rankers rest all are inservice. In Rajasthan a person securing All india rank of 126 has a state rank of 137 which defies all logic to me. How can you simply give our seats which we earned with years of hard work and sacrifice to these people suddenly? 

Q2. Why now?

Why are they being included now. This is a policy which was implemented this year . By giving marks and allowing them to join both degree diploma seats you have essentialy snatched setas from deserving candidates and given it to inservice which i feel for the lack of better words inhumane.


I have summarized for you the problems i as a general category student am facing today. On one hand people demand of better doctors yet the government itself is systematically removing meritorious students from the field of medicine. If the current trend continues our health infrastructure is most definitely going to take a huge blow down the road simultaneously discouraging other inquisitive minds from entering this noble field. It is the very question of training a doctor who holds someones life in his hand and am sincere in asking you this question " Would you trust someone with your life who couldn't even earn his way into PG through hardwork and merit"..

I beg for you to act and save me and other meritorious students like me from this career death sentence. Dont take away our dreams and ambitions. I beg of you..

Your sincerely


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