Indian Sailors need your help !SOS!


Indian Sailors need your help !SOS!

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Save our sailors from the floating prison that is JAG ANAND stopped at Jintang Port, China.

My brother with other Indian sailors is currently serving on JAG ANAND and have been onboard for more than a year now, they are stuck on Anchorage in Jintang Port, China. The organization are not taking any steps to relieve them and this situation is detreating their mental as well as health condition as there are limited supply of food and medicines.

This situation is created due to the trade issues in China and Australia, in which the crew has no part to play. 

We are very worried for their safety and wellbeing on the ship, they are facing mental as well as physical challenges every day. Sitting ideally can make any person think about worst things in this world. They roam around on the ship like ghosts.

We request you to sign this petition so that our Government takes immediate action for their safe return home and escalate this situation at every level possible. We cannot pass this human right infringement on our loved ones.

Help us get our family member safely home.

Best Regards
Sachin Parmar
Family member



This petition made change with 6,798 supporters!

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